Rules and Regulations

  1. Any one on facility property must complete and sign all proper waiver forms. Please respect the land.
  2. All minors under 18 years of age must be accompanied by parent or guardian and have the Minor Release Form completed and signed.
  3. Parents are responsible for their children and are required to monitor them at all times.
  4. No bicycles on track or hill at all times.
  5. Bring it in, take it out.  We can supply you with a trash bag if you need one.
  6. All riders are to adhere to required gear at all times including, DOT approved helmets, goggles, long sleeve jersey, long riding pants, gloves, and proper boots.  We also advise protective pads, chest protectors, and kidney belts be worn.
  7. Ride at your own risk.
  8. All bikes must be in safe working order, including but not limited to appropriate tires, properly working brake and clutch levers and steering mechanisms.
  9. At no time will inappropriate riding be tolerated, including riding 2 up, even in pit area.  All participants will be asked to leave the immediately.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  10. Pit riding must not exceed 5 mph.
  11. Once in facility, no refunds will be granted.
  12. Pets must be on a leash.  Pets are not allowed on the track at any time.  You are responsible for your pets and their messes.  Please clean up after them.
  13. No fires, portable fire pits ok.  Grills are allowed and must be constantly monitored.  Smoking will be permitted in designated smoking areas; never in pit area.
  14. Quiet after 10:00pm when camping.